Kiame's History in Oxford, Mississippi

Kiamie Package Store first opened its doors in August of 1966. Mississippi, being the last state to reverse prohibition laws, did not allow alcohol to be sold to the public until this time. When the first liquor retail permits were sold, retailers had to be called package stores to disguise the fact that alcohol was being sold. The stores were also restricted from having exterior windows.

Our founder Alex Kiamie, Sr. “Mr. Kiamie”, moved to Oxford in 1952 to open a diner. This diner was the original Kiamie’s. The building still stands and is occupied by Dominoe’s Pizza on Jackson Avenue. Kiamie’s became a staple in the Oxford and Ole Miss Community. At the time the choices for restaurants was not what it is today. As the town of Oxford and Ole Miss grew, Mr. Kiamie expanded his business ventures, eventually opening a Bowling Alley “Kiamie Lanes”, Laundry Mat, Car Wash, and Kiamie Package Store. His foresight of the future helped us to become what we are today.

The torched was passed to Alex Kiamie, Jr. in the early 1990’s. Alex is a graduate of Ole Miss and a former cheerleader for the Rebels. Alex took the reins and expanded the business to new heights. As a young man he experienced all levels of a family business. From making food deliveries to campus late at night, to racking pool balls for 10 cents a rack. Today Alex is retired but still oversees the operations of the business.
Now the liquor store in Oxford, MS is owned and operated by Alex Kiamie, III “A.J.”. A.J. is a graduate of Ole Miss and a former football player for the Rebels. Throughout the years, the Kiamie family has streamlined their business ventures to allow for greater concentration on key pieces. A.J. has 12 years experience in the Wine and Spirits business. He has extensive knowledge of spirits and is a Sommelier. He has traveled to vineyards in California, Oregon, Italy, and France. He has also researched products and process in Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, and Tennessee. A.J. has helped setup many of the restaurant wine lists in the Oxford area, and also hosts wine and liquor tasting events for charities and local groups. He is an expert in alcohol planning for all types of events, large and small.

The Kiamie Package Store

The Kiamie Package Store is one of the top liquor and wine retailers in the state of Mississippi. With over 50 years of liquor store retail experience, we have learned the demands of a growing liquor store market. We provide over 1500 selections of wine in Oxford and several thousand selections of spirits and cordials. We take pride in friendly, personal, professional service.

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